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The World Market for Pressure Transmitters

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A New Market Study from Flow Research

The pressure transmitter market has undergone some important changes in the past five years. This study examines those changes, and quantifies where the market is at today. Important changes include:

  • Market consolidation among suppliers
  • The introduction of high-tier pressure transmitters
  • The continued importance of multivariable transmitters
  • Competition with DP transmitters from other flow technologies
  • A strong emphasis on reliability from both suppliers and end-users

The World Market for Pressure Transmitters reports on all known suppliers worldwide. It includes the following:

  • Market size and growth forecast through 2007
  • Market shares by geographic region
  • Product and technology analysis
  • Strategies for success
  • Supplier profiles

The study is based on in-depth interviews with all known suppliers, including multiple onsite visits to manufacturing facilities, both in the United States and Europe.  In addition, a survey was conducted of pressure transmitter users to gain broader perspective on customer decision-making and preferences.

Five Types of Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters measure the pressure exerted by liquid, steam, and gas. There are five kinds of pressure transmitters:

  • Multivariable (MV) pressure transmitters
  • Differential pressure (DP) transmitters  
  • Gage pressure transmitters
  • Absolute pressure transmitters
  • Level pressure transmitters

Pressure Transmitters by Tier-Level

This study distinguishes pressure transmitter by tier-level, as follows:

        High-Tier Transmitters (High accuracy and stability)

        Medium tier transmitters (Medium accuracy).

        Low-tier transmitters (Lower accuracy).

Pressure Transmitters by Fluid Type

Pressure transmitters are segmented in this study according to fluid type.  They are distinguished according to whether they are used to measure the following fluid types:




Pressure Transmitters by Mounting Type

Pressure transmitters are segmented according to the mounting type.  They are distinguished by whether they are shipped with any of the following mounting accessories, or with none:

         Remote seal

         Manifolds only

         Primary elements

         None of the above

Pressure Transmitter Suppliers Profiled Include:


Anderson Instrument Company

Ashdown Process Control

Bristol Babcock

Emerson Rosemount


Fuji Electric









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