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Dear Pressure Manager:

The past six years have seen some major changes in the pressure transmitter market.  Flow Research has just completed a comprehensive study of this market that provides an up-to-date view of the entire worldwide market.  If you are involved in the pressure market, this study is an extremely valuable tool for you to have.  As the owner of this study, you will be able to base your market decisions on rock solid data, rather than on hunches, or on promotional material that is available on the Internet.

To the casual observer, the pressure transmitter market may look like a placid lake, remaining about the same size and while maintaining a stable supplier base.  A closer look reveals a different picture.  Within this lake is a series of turbulent vortices, each of which represents an important change occurring in the market.  These changes include:

The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, now available from Flow Research, answers a number of important questions that anyone involved in this market needs to know the answer to.  This study tells you:

The study is based on in-depth interviews with all known suppliers, and on an unprecedented number of onsite visits to pressure transmitter manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe.  No stone was left unturned in an effort to provide comprehensive answers to the most important questions about the pressure transmitter market.  We also received especially good cooperation and data from all the suppliers in Japan.  We are grateful to the many suppliers who participated in this study.

This study fits in with the analysis of the worldwide flowmeter market recently completed by Flow Research.  Differential pressure (DP) transmitters are widely used to measure flowrate, and they are part of the total worldwide flowmeter market.  But this study also provides data on multivariable, gage, absolute, and level pressure transmitters.  The result is a study that reveals market size by segment, along with growth forecasts for each segment.  In addition to pressure transmitters by type, this study also segments pressure transmitters by:

High, Medium, and Low Tier

Smart vs. Conventional

Average Selling Price

Communication Protocol

Six Geographic Regions

Industry includes all the process industries

Fluid Type

Distribution Channel

Mounting Type

Customer Type

In addition, our end-user survey reveals what is important to pressure transmitter customers, and what their anticipated needs are over the next few years.

Of course, no market exists in a vacuum.  This study puts the pressure transmitter market in the context of the economic downturn that has occurred in the United States and elsewhere in the past few years and tells you why 2004 should be a better year.  Another unique feature includes product models and specifications by supplier, so you can quickly get an overview of available products.  Profiles of all the known suppliers keep you up-to-date on developments within all the companies that are important to this market.

The release of a new market study is always an exciting event and this is no exception.  This is the most complete and authoritative pressure study available on the market.  For more complete information, go to our website at www.flowresearch.com. To take advantage of this opportunity for rock solid data on the pressure transmitter market, complete with strategies for remaining competitive, contact Flow Research today!

Best regards,

Jesse Yoder

Flow Research



(781) 245-3200

(781) 224-7552 (fax)