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Survey of Pressure Transmitter Users

As part of our research into the pressure transmitter market, Flow Research conducted a survey of users of pressure transmitters.  The purpose of the survey was to gather information about the pressure transmitters already in use at existing plants, and to find out about user plans for purchasing pressure transmitters in the future.   This information is important, since it is ultimately the end-users that determine how many pressure transmitters are purchased.

The following are some of the subjects included in our end-user survey:  

Types and Applications

Types of Pressure Transmitters in Use (multivariable, differential pressure, gage, absolute, level)

Applications for Pressure Transmitters of Different Types

Use of Pressure Transmitters for Liquid, Gas, and Steam  

Purchasing Patterns

Number of Transmitters Used, Purchased

Reasons for Buying, Projected Purchases

Average Selling Price

Accuracy and Repeatability

Levels of Accuracy Required

Future Need for Extremely High Accuracy

Accuracy vs. Repeatability  

Remote Seals and Primary Elements

Use of Primary Elements

Remote Seals, Manifold Elements, and Primary Elements

Communication Protocols

Use of Communication Protocols (Hart, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Proprietary Digital, Other)


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