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Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users  

Flow Research and Ducker Worldwide have prepared an exciting new study with a complete analysis of flowmeter users worldwide, including the following:

        Installed flowmeter base by region

        User criteria for selecting flowmeters 

        User projected spending plans 

        Flowmeters for liquid/steam/gas

        Use of multivariable flowmeters

        Foundation Fieldbus/Profibus

        Safety approvals required

Table of Contents
List of Figures
User Survey Letter
Order Form (PDF)

The fundamental reason for doing this extensive worldwide survey was to understand why users are selecting the flowmeters they have, and to better understand how users perceive the differences among all types of flowmeters.  This study includes all types of flowmeters, including New Technology and Traditional Technology meters.  One finding of the study is that users are looking for higher accuracy and greater reliability, and this is one of the main reasons they are switching to New Technology meters.  The study also reveals some very interesting regional and geographic differences in the flowmeter market that would never be apparent to someone who does a survey of U.S. users and then generalizes to the world.

Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users is the most ambitious effort undertaken yet to understand the perspective of flowmeter users.  Chapter Three provides a complete worldwide analysis.  Chapter Four, Five, and Six analyze the results from North America, Europe, and Asia respectively.  This is the definitive analysis of the perspectives of flowmeter users worldwide and by geographic region.  There is no other study like it available anywhere.


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