Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters

February 2003: Now Available!

Now available for the first time in 10 years – comprehensive market research on the total worldwide flowmeter market.  Our new Volume X:  The World Market for Flowmeters is the most complete picture ever presented of the flowmeter market.

The study is based on two years of exhaustive research, with up-to-the-minute data gathered on all technologies between July and December 2002. It features market size and growth forecasts through 2007 and market shares by geographic region for all flowmeter technologies.  Destined to be an instant “classic” itself, it is even more comprehensive than the classic 1994 Find/SVP study also written by Dr. Jesse Yoder, The World Market for Flowmeters in the Process Industries.  Since then he has written 30 flowmeter studies and published more than 30 articles on flow-related topics in major industry journals.

This new detailed study covers both new-technology and traditional technology flowmeters: Coriolis, magnetic,  ultrasonic, vortex, differential pressure, positive  displacement, turbine, open channel, thermal, and variable area. This report does not include the detailed market segmentation that appears in our in-depth reports on individual technologies, but it does provide a complete look at the entire worldwide market.  It includes:

  • ·         Market size, market shares, average selling price, and growth forecasts through 2007 by geographic region for all technologies

  • ·         Growth factors and macroeconomic factors

  • ·         Strategies for success

  • ·         Company profiles for 50 major manufacturers

New 2003 Studies Analyze Specific New-Technology Markets

For companies that need more detailed market segmentation on specific technologies, we have created updates of our 2001 new-technology data in the original reports (Volumes I through IV). We offer standalone reports on Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, and vortex meters that include the information above plus more detailed segmentation:

  • ·         Smart vs. conventional by communication protocol by region, with comparison with multivariable flowmeters where appropriate

  • ·         Average selling price by region and type

  • ·         By industry, distribution channel, and customer type — all by region

  • ·         By fluid type (liquid, steam, gas)

If you do not already own our original reports, you can buy them now for a low combination price and get even more segmentation: AC vs DC, bent tube vs. straight, etc. (See our brochure, New Technology Flowmeter Studies  for detailed information on the original reports, or visit our website at www.flowresearch.com.)

Our newly updated Volume V: The World Market for New-Technology Flowmeters incorporates data on ultrasonic, magnetic, Coriolis, vortex, and multivariable DP flowmeters into a high-level analysis of the new-technology flowmeter market.

All the reports are brought to you by companies you can trust for thorough and accurate data: Flow Research and Ducker Worldwide.  Visit www.flowresearch.com for more details.

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