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E-Z Ordering Method: Print this form, fill it out, and fax it to Flow Research at 781-224-7552.  Or, send an email to jesse@flowresearch.com. Let us know which studies you would like to order. You can also order by phone at (781) 245-3200.


NEW Vortex Flowmeter Study

Now Available!


Volume I: The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters  

(March 2003)

__ $3,900


Volume II:  The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters (September 2005) - New!

__ $4,500 


Volume III:  The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters (March 2003)

__ $3,900


Volume IV: The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters (March 2006) New!

__ $4,200


Volume V: The World Market for Differential Pressure Flowmeters and Primary Elements (August 2006)

__ $3,950 (pre-publication special) - save $1,000


Volume VI: Flowmeter User Requirements, Preferences, and Trends (January 2006)

__ $2,450


Volume VII:  The World Market for Positive Displacement Flowmeters (September 2002)


Includes 90 suppliers


Volume VIII:  The World Market for Turbine Flowmeters (September 2002)


Includes 140 suppliers


New Volume IX:  The World Market for Pressure Transmitters


Available 1/04 exclusively from Flow Research


New Volume X:  The World Market for Flowmeters all 10 technologies (February 2003)


__$4,500 (priced well under value!)


Volume XI: The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement (September 2004) (two volumes)

__$4,200 (includes line sizes and applications)

Includes eight types of flowmeters - over 500 pages

Volume XII: The World Market for Steam Flow Measurement (December 2006) __$3,950 (pre-publication special) - save $1,000  

The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas

(May 2006)

___ $4,200 



The Market for Temperature Transmitters in the Americas (August 2006)

___ $3950 (pre-publication special) - save $1,000  
Temperature Users Perspectives Survey (November 2006)  ___ $2450 (pre-publication special) - save $950  
The World Market for Infrared Thermometers and Thermal Imagers 

___ $3900 (was $4900)

___ Released November 2000

Worldflow Monitoring Service - Includes Market Barometer, Energy Monitor, Flash Reports, & Living Database

___ $3800 per year - Stay updated between studies. Get 8 40-80 page reports per year! Reports can also be ordered individually.


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Note: Nonparticipants add $400 per study. Ask about discounts on multiple study orders


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To order, call Flow Research at 781-245-3200. Or, fax this form to Flow Research at 781-224-7552. You can also order by email. Send your order to jesse@flowresearch.com

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