Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters

February 2003: Now Available

Now for the first time. Get a complete picture of the worldwide flowmeter market in one volume! Volume X covers all ten flow technologies.



Pictured above are Volumes I through VIII in our series of worldwide flowmeter studies. Most volumes are made up of two books.

Volume X: Ten Technologies in One

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How big is the worldwide flowmeter market? We have the answer! Over the past two years, we've individually analyzed the world market for every flow technology. Now we've put all this knowledge together into a single study. This is the study you've been waiting for: The World Market for Flowmetersthis new study includes market size and market shares by geographic region for all 10 flow technologies.  Data for this study was gathered between July 2002 and January 2003.  It reflects the results of the recent economic downturn and global changes that have occurred over the past two years. The numbers in this study are updated to 2002. 

The World Market for Flowmeters is the endpoint of three years of work in which we analyzed every flow technology individually. We have put all these numbers together into a single study.  This new study will give you a complete view of the entire flowmeter market, with numbers updated to 2002 shipments.  Now you can tell how the economic downturn has affected the entire flowmeter market, and how it has affected individual companies and technologies. 

Volume X includes Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, DP, positive displacement, turbine, open channel, thermal, and variable area flowmeters.
Volume X includes market shares and market size by five geographic regions.
We have also updated our data for Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, and multivariable DP flowmeters to 2002. New versions of our original studies on these flowmeters are available (Vols. I to V).  Click here for more information on the new Volumes I -V.
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