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The WorldFlow Living Database gives you a central resource you can access to find what flowmeters are available, and who is offering them. Instead of searching through many different catalogs from different suppliers, the Living Database allows you to compare the products offered by many different suppliers. If you need more details on a specific flowmeter, links will take you you to the relevant sites. We are not selling flowmeters, and we are not trying to promote any particular company. As a result, we present the information objectively, and let you make your own decisions.

The WorldFlow Living Database has five main goals:

  • To provide a centralized, searchable database that contains product profiles on most flowmeters offered by nearly all suppliers worldwide 

  • To keep you updated on available products by adding new ones as and modifying existing products as necessary

  • To provide a flowmeter selection tool for anyone who wishes to specify or select flowmeters

  • To create a centralized location for discussing application issues for all types of flowmeters

  • To provide a centralized location for reference material on flow

The WorldFlow Living Database is intended for:

Manufacturers and distributors who want to stay informed about what flowmeters are available from what suppliers

End-users and OEMs who need to specify or select flowmeters and want a centralized location for finding detailed product information, objectively presented.

Anyone who needs information about flowmeters and wants to read articles, contact companies, or better understand the advantages and disadvantages of different flow technologies.

Unlike the other components of WorldFlow, the Living Database is not published quarter. Instead, it is updated regularly as new products become available and existing products are revised. You have continual access to the Living Database by logging in at any time. The Living Database lives on the Flow Research website in the WorldFlow portion of the site. This portion of the Flow Research site contains the online versions of the Barometer, the User Perspective, and PIM. As a Gold Service subscriber, you have access to all sections of the WorldFlow site.  

PIM is the component of Worldflow™ that focuses on the process industries.  Every quarter, PIM shines its spotlight on the process industries, looking for important events to discuss or highlight. 

We find the important events, report them, and place them in the context of the flow industry. PIM explains and interprets the importance of capital spending forecasts, the construction of new refineries and chemical plants, and new regulations that affect the need for more instrumentation. We give you the information you need for forecasting, marketing, and product feature decision purposes.

The WorldFlow Living Database is divided into two sections:

  • The main section with product information and application discussion

  • A reference section that includes articles on flow, a directory of flowmeter companies with contact information, and other information on flow (Lite)

The Living Database includes both sections. However, you can also subscribe to the the reference section only. This section is called the Living Database - Lite.

Content of the Living Database:

  • Product information on flowmeters arranged by products and technology

  • A searchable database that lets you find the flowmeters you are interested in

  • A section on applications that discusses application issues for different types of flowmeters 

  • A reference section with articles on flow, names and addresses of flowmeter suppliers and distributors, discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of differen types of meters, and other important information on flow

How you can use the Living Database:
  • To better understand what flowmeters are available worldwide and from what suppliers

  • To make decisions about what flowmeters to buy and from whom

  • To become better informed about which types of meters are best suited for specific applications

  • To locate flowmeter suppliers and distributors worldwide

  • To stay up to speed with the latest articles on flow and to be aware of new products as they are introduced

How does this benefit you? As a product or marketing manager, you need to know about products are on the market and what the features of these products are. There is currently no central place where this information is kept. This will change, with the creation of the Living Database. Suddenly, you have a single location for product information for flowmeters worldwide. You also will become more aware of which flowmeters are best-suited for specific applications. This will help you better target those applications your flowmeters are suited for.

As a flowmeter user, the Living Database provides a centralized location where you can find an objective presentation of flowmeters available from different suppliers. By using the flowmeter selection tools in the Living Database, you can make an informed decision and get the best possible flowmeter for your application. 

The Living Database helps you compare apples with apples

Are you confused by the different terms and standards that suppliers use to describe accuracy, repeatability, rangeability, and other terms used when listing specifications? Well, so are a lot of people. The fact is, there is no consistent standard that applies across suppliers for using these terms. For example, different suppliers may define "accuracy" differently, leading to specs that are difficult to compare.

There is no simple solution to this issue. We can't wave a magic wand and create a uniform set of definitions for suppliers to conform to. What we plan to do, however, is to take a look at this issue and see if we can find a common standard for comparing at least some of the specs. We may also ask suppliers to elaborate on some of their definitions. We can't guarantee that we will completely resolve this issue, but we plan to take a step in this direction. 

Where relevant, the Living Database will draw on information from:
  • The New Technology Flowmeter studies: Vols. I to VI (3,220 pages)
  • The User Perspective - Important findings from the flow user survey
  • Interviews with marketing and product managers
  • Interviews with executives in the process industries and trade associations
  • Events reported elsewhere in the FM Barometer
  • The Flow Research Knowledge Base of information on flow
Note: The Living Database is included with orders for the Worldflow Barometer and the Worldflow Energy Monitor

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