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A Periodic Report on the Views of Flowmeter Users

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User Perspective Table of Contents: Q2 2002

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Note: The Worldflow User Perspective was formerly a quarterly publication. It is now issued periodically. Subscribers to Worldflow receive a 20 percent discount on issues of the User Perspective

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The User Perspective surveys end-users of flowmeters in the process industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Refining

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food & Beverage

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Power

  • Water & Wastewater

  • Other Process Industries

The User Perspective has four main goals:

  • To let you know what users are saying about purchase intent for flowmeters

  • To spot short-term changes in user applications of flowmeters

  • To identify problems users are having with their flowmeters

  • To identify user needs that are not currently being met by suppliers

The User Perspective is for:

Manufacturers and distributors who want to understand what their spending plans are, what problems users are having with their flowmeters, what needs are currently not being met. We already have a baseline of data from our last worldwide user survey. Through our quarterly user surveys, we can quickly spot changes in spending patterns that may not show up elsewhere for a year or two.

End-users and OEMs who want to keep abreast of changes in their industry that impact instrumentation.

  The User Perspective is the component of Worldflow™ that focuses on users of flowmeters in the process industries. Every quarter, we conduct a survey of flowmeter users to track purchase intent, flowmeter applications, and unmet needs.

We find out what customers are saying and report important information back to you. Don't fall victim to the effects of economic "shocks" like the Sept. 11 tragedy or lower oil prices. Our surveys will quickly identify the impact of events like these on flowmeter purchasing.

Flow Research is pleased to bring you the Worldflow User Perspective. We have already brought you Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users, 2nd Edition, a study with more than 500 participants worldwide. Now you can receive periodic updates on what flowmeter users are thinking through the User Perspective.


Topics included in the Flow User Perspective

  • Flowmeter purchase plans by purchasing managers 

  • Capital spending in the process industries

  • User substitutions of one type of flowmeter for another and why

  • Reasons for buying flowmeters by type

  • Needs that are currently unmet by suppliers and distributors

How you can use this information:
  • To create forecasts for flowmeter sales

  • To find out where spending on flowmeters is up or down

  • To understand what flow technologies are being replaced and why

  • To find out about unmet needs your customers may have

  • To better understand how end-users perceive suppliers

  • To find out what distribution channels are used, and to what extent users are buying on the Internet


How does this benefit you? As a product or marketing manager, you need to know how what factors are affecting the decision making of your customers. Our user survey will spot short-term changes in spending patterns and identify the causes. If users are changing flowmeter technologies, we will find out what type and why. We will also ask flowmeter users what services they would like to have from their suppliers and distributors that they are not getting and why.

There's no better way to find out what end-users of flowmeters are thinking than to ask them on a regular basis. No one else is taking this type of systematic approach. The User Perspective updates you regularly on what flowmeter customers are saying and why.

The User Perspective gives you real date about users; not speculation

Every quarter, we will interview users in the process industries to find out what they are saying about the flowmeters they use. We will get quantitative information about their spending plans that you can use in your forecasts. We will also ask qualitative questions to find out how flowmeter users perceive different types of flowmeters. Because we will ask some of the same questions every quarter, we will establish a baseline of results.

This is the first attempt we know of to systematically record what flowmeter users are saying from one quarter to another. The User Perspective will give you accurate and timely data about flowmeter users that you can't find anywhere else.

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