Worldflow Monitor

A Quarterly Report on the Process Industries and their Impact on Flow Measurement

Every quarter, the Worldflow Monitor tracks important events in the following process industries:

  • Petroleum

  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical

  • Food & Beverage

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Power

  • Water & Wastewater

Why settle for opinion when you can get hard data?

Worldflow Monitor has three main goals:

  • To keep you informed about developments in the process industries

  • To interpret the meaning of important events in the process industries by placing them in context of instrumentation

  • To provide data on product shipments and construction in the process industries

Worldflow Monitor is for:

Manufacturers and distributors who want to stay informed about the process industries and understand trends in products and technologies

Endusers and OEMs who want to follow the process industries and understand the impact of events in these industries on flow measurement.

The Monitor is the component of Worldflow™ that focuses on the process industries.  Every quarter, the Monitor shines its spotlight on the process industries, looking for important events to discuss or highlight. 

We find the important events, report them, and place them in the context of the flow industry. The Monitor explains and interprets the importance of capital spending forecasts, the construction of new refineries and chemical plants, and new regulations that affect the need for more instrumentation. We give you the information you need for forecasting, marketing, and product feature decision purposes.

Topics included in the Monitor:

  • Capital spending forecasts 

  • Mergers and acquisitions among the process companies

  • New plants being built or upgrades of existing plants

  • Product shipments within particular process industries

  • Regulations that have an effect on the need for instrumentation

How you can use this information:
  • To make decisions about product development

  • To formulate growth strategies that target growing industries and applications

  • To better understand what industries to market your products to

  • To find out about new and emerging markets and applications for flowmeters

  • For end-users, to better understand the process industries and how flowmeters are used in them

To see a good sample of article topics, check out the Table of Contents of a recent issue.

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Process Industry Monitor Table of Contents: Q2 2003

TOC Q3 2002 (PDF)

TOC Q1 2003 (PDF)

TOC Q2 2003 (PDF)

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The Monitor puts events in perspective

The Monitor records these developments so they can be included in the next issue.  But merely reporting the news is not enough for the PIM.  PIM also places these developments in the context of the flowmeter and instrumentation industry.  Examples of story topics:

  • Natural gas pipelines under construction and the need for custody transfer measurement
  • How oil companies are benefiting from the increased reliance on natural gas
  • The future of fuel cells and the implications for flow measurement
  • Growth in shipments by the chemical industry
  • The effect of EPA regulations on the water & wastewater industry
  • The price of oil and its impact on capital spending in the oil & gas and refining industries
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Process Industry Monitor is your tool for tracking the process industries. Every quarter, you receive a report that highlights important events in the chemical, refining, oil & gas, etc. industries and tells you the implications for flow measurement. The Monitor tells you about the events that are directly influencing the purchasing decisions of your customers. It lets you know which industries are good prospects, and which ones may not be so good. PIM gives you the essential data you need to make informed decisions.

How does this benefit you? As a product or marketing manager, you need to know about events that are influencing your customers' purchasing decisions. What impact will the fall of Enron have on the energy industry? Are shipments in the chemical industry up or down. What is the effect of low oil prices on plant construction in the United States and elsewhere? You need this information because it will tell you whether orders will be up or down in the next six months to a year.

As a marketing or product manager, you can base your decisions on opinion, or you can base your decisions on hard data. Worldflow™ gives you hard data every quarter so you can make informed decisions, based on the latest information. 


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