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New Service Provides Quarterly Data on Flow and Process Industries



Wakefield, Massachusetts, February 12, 2002 — Flow Research announced today the launch of a new service designed to provide quarterly data on the flow and process industries.  Called the Worldflow™ Monitoring Service, it is designed for suppliers, distributors, and end-users of flowmeters.  The purpose of the service is to provide decision-makers in these key industries with the data and tools they need to make informed decisions.  Flowmeters are devices used in the chemical, refining, power, and many other industries to measure the flowrate and volume of liquids, gases, and steams. 


The Worldflow service includes three quarterly reports and one online database.  The quarterly reports include the Market Barometer, a “state of the industry” report on flowmeters.  A second report, the User Perspective, provides the results of a quarterly survey on flowmeter users.  The third report, Process Industry Monitor (PIM), tracks important events in the process industries and assesses their impact on the flow and instrumentation markets.  The process industries include oil & gas, refining, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, power, water & wastewater, and other process industries.  The online “Living Database” contains updated product specifications and descriptions for flowmeters offered by most suppliers worldwide, grouped by technology.

One reason for the new service is that no one is systematically collecting data on the perspective of end-users of flow or other measurement products.  According to Dr. Jesse Yoder, president of Flow Research, “User surveys made with market studies only occur every few years, and may not always follow the same methodology.  They also cannot capture changing conditions due to unexpected events, like September 11, the drop in oil prices, or the Enron debacle.  By doing a user survey every quarter, Worldflow will establish a pattern.  Repeated surveys done every quarter will spot changes in this pattern, and these changes will be reported in the User Perspective.”


Text Box: Dr. Jesse YoderA second reason for the Worldflow service is to collect data on the process industries.  Process Industry Monitor (PIM) will track capital spending in the refining industry and product shipments in the chemical industry.  It will also follow regulations that impact the need for companies in the process industries to buy instrumentation.  PIM will report on which industries are growing and which are declining.  It will also analyze the impact of these developments on sales prospects for process control equipment, including flowmeters and other measurement devices.  The companies in the process industries are the main consumers of flowmeters and measurement products, so the health of companies in these industries has a major impact on flowmeter and process control equipment sales.


Another reason for the Worldflow service is to provide suppliers and users with an objective source of information on the flow industry.  In a survey conducted in 2001 by Flow Research and Ducker Research, 300 flowmeter users worldwide were asked what sources of information they use to find out about flowmeters, apart from the Internet.  The top three answers were trade magazines (18%), catalogs (11%), and manufacturer’s manuals (9%).  While all these are excellent sources, Worldflow offers something different.  The Worldflow service offers an ad-free environment where data and products are analyzed objectively, without trying to promote one product over another.


“We feel this is a product that managers and executives will find indispensable for decision-making at the highest levels,” said Yoder.  “There is no substitute for having accurate, objective data.  We aim to provide this data so companies can make informed, strategic decisions and generate accurate forecasts.  Our service provides that data on a regular basis.”


In addition to the Worldflow Monitoring Service, Flow Research has initiated a Product Line Expansion Service (PLES).  The purpose of PLES is to help suppliers locate distributors and distributors locate suppliers.  By matching the needs of suppliers and distributors, Flow Research is helping companies expand their product base.  PLES is intended for companies in the process industries.


Flow Research is a market research company that specializes in providing market data and strategies on flowmeters and other measurement devices.  Dr. Jesse Yoder, who has 15 years’ experience as a writer and analyst in process control, founded flow Research in 1999.  The company recently completed a series of six market studies on new-technology flowmeters, comprising over 3,000 pages.  In addition to market research, Flow Research conducts technical research on flowmeters in its flowlab.  The company is partnering with Ducker Research (Bloomfield Hills, MI) to produce a series of 12 market studies on flowmeters, covering all the flow technologies.  Flow Research and Ducker Research are also partnering on the User Perspective, the user survey component of the Worldflow service.  The Worldflow Monitoring Service is described in more detail at www.flowresearch.com.


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