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About the Founder:

Jesse Yoder has 23 years experience as an analyst and writer in process control. Jesse specializes in flowmeters and other field devices, including level, pressure, and temperature products. He has written over 40 market research studies in industrial automation and process control.

Prior to starting Flow Research, Jesse was a senior analyst at Automation Research Corp., where he covered field devices. At ARC, he wrote studies on ultrasonic and vortex flowmeters, pressure transmitters, and other field device products. Since 1990, he served as an analyst for several other market research companies, including FIND/SVP, Frost & Sullivan, and Venture Development Corp. Study topics include flowmeters, intelligent field devices, distributed control systems, nondestructive test equipment, and barcode equipment.

Jesse began his writing career in 1980 as a technical writer for Commercial Union Insurance Companies in Boston, Mass. After leaving Commercial Union, he spent several years at Wang Laboratories as a technical writer. He also taught technical writing at Northeastern University. He founded Idea Network, a market research and publishing company, in 1986. From 1987-1990, he wrote manuals and training guides for the process control division of Siemens Energy & Automation.  Today, Idea Network has grown to encompass Flow Research, Temperature Research, and Pressure Research.

Included in Jesse's educational background is a PhD in philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He served as an adjunct philosophy professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell from 1986 to 1994. Jesse has written and edited a number of newsletters, and has published numerous articles in process control journals. He co-founded the InterChange Technical Writing Conference in 1989, which he directed for six years.  InterChange was held for the thirteenth time in October 2001.

Jesse has written numerous custom and off-the-shelf studies in the areas of process control and instrumentation.  The following is a partial list of the off-the-shelf studies he has written:

Thermal Transfer Printing: Technology, Products, Prospects (1983)

World Markets for Distributed Control in the Process Industries (1991)

World Markets for Barcode Equipment (1991)

World Test & Measurement Equipment Markets (1992)

European Market for Test & Measurement Equipment (1992)

The Market for Nondestructive Test Equipment (USA) (1993)

The Evolving U.S. Market for Personal Computers and Software for Programming and Online Operation with Programmable Logic Controllers (1994)

World Market for Industrial Process Control Equipment (1994)

The World Market for Flowmeters in the Process Industries (1994)

The World Market for Intelligent Field Devices (1995)

World Market for Controllers and Control Technology Products (1995)

European Pressure Transmitter Outlook (1996)

Worldwide Vortex Flowmeter Outlook (1997)

Worldwide Ultrasonic Flowmeter Outlook (1997)

Worldwide Pressure Transmitter Outlook (1998)

The Market for Temperature Sensors & Transmitters in the Americas (2000)

The Market for Infrared Thermometers and Thermal Imagers Worldwide (2000)

The Market for Coriolis Flowmeters Worldwide (2001)

The Market for Magnetic Flowmeters Worldwide (2001)

The Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters Worldwide (2001)

The Market for Vortex Flowmeters Worldwide (2001)

The Market for New Technology Flowmeters Worldwide (2001)

Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users (2001)


The following are articles on instrumentation written by Jesse Yoder:

Mass Appeal, Plant Services, April 2001

Flowmeter Shootout, Part III: How Users Choose, Control, April 2001

Flowmeter Shootout, Part II: Traditional Technologies, Control, March 2001

Flowmeter Shootout, Part I: New Technologies, Control, February 2001

Raising the Bar for Primary Elements, Control Engineering, October 2000

Flowmeter Calibration: How, Why, Where, Control, July 2000

Ultrasonics Reverberate Through the Market, Intech, July 2000

Ultrasonic Flowmeters: A Natural Choice to Measure Gas Flow, July 2000

Growth Prospects for I/P Transducers, Plant Services, July 2000

Taking the Mystery out of Infrared, Control, June 2000

Making Contact with Temperature, Control Engineering, April 2000

Thermocouple Technology, A Matter of Resistance and Metal, Intech, March 2000

Plumbing the Depths of Open Channel Flow Measurement, Control, July 1999

Using Meters to Measure Steam Flow, Plant Engineering, April 1998

Flow Measurement Technologies Move Forward, I&CS, November 1997

Ultrasonic Flowmeters: A Technology Whose Time Has Come, Chemical Engineering World, November 1997

Fast Action, Plus Emissions Control, Boosts Quarter-Turn Valves in Batch, InTech, November 1997

Major Forces Drive Industrial Automation, Honeywell Journal, April 1995

Getting to the Heart of Smart, Intech, February 1995

While much of Jesse's work is spent in market analysis, he also is actively engaged in technical research in the fields of flow, pressure, and temperature measurement.  One major vehicle for this research is the flowlab that has been established at Flow Research. A test stand has been built with an NIST-traceable magnetic flowmeter from Krohne to serve as a master meter. The first series of tests being conducted are on primary elements. The purpose of the lab is to compare the performance of different types of flowmeters, and to explore new ways to measure flow.

In addition to the eleven years he has spent writing market studies, Jesse spent ten years as a technical writer.  Almost four years of this were spent writing technical manuals and training guides for the process control division of Siemens.  He also taught technical writing at the graduate level at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  He has recently published a philosophy book called Shades of Experience that is available online at www.ideanetwork.net.  Shades of Experience explains the philosophical basis for viewpoint pluralism, and argues that our language needs to be altered in certain fundamental ways.  Viewpoint pluralism is the philosophy that underlies the research performed by Flow Research and Idea Network.  The overall goal of Shades of Experience is to find better ways to describe our experience.


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