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A Dictionary of English Duonyms

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Duonym (doo-o-nim)
n. 1. A single word formed by putting two existing words together
2. A continuousword

The following is a dictionary of English duonyms. The word 'duonym,' which is modeled on the words 'synonym' and antonym,' refers to a single word formed by putting two existing words together to form a new word. This dictionary contains definitions and sample usage examples for each word.

Adshirt (ad-shirt)

n.: a tshirt with an ad or slogan on it

"I supplement my income by wearing adshirts in downtown Chicago."

Automile (au-to-mile)

n.: a short stretch of road that's filled with car dealers

"A one mile stretch of road in Norwood, Massachusetts is the original automile."

Bananayellow (ba-na-na-yel-low)

Adj.: a shade of yellow like the color of a half-ripened banana

"I'll take a Rolls if I can have it in bananayellow."

Bandprint (band-print)

n. 1. The mark that a watch leaves on your arm when you take it off
2. A photograph of a musical group

"As she slowly undressed in the locker room, she felt the pressure of a dozen eyes on her as she took off her watch, revealing an embarrassing bandprint on her arm."

Bedhead (bed-head)

n. 1. A condition of irregularly shaped hair, resulting from reclining
2. A person who typically has a bedhead

"After a restless night of fitful sleep, to my surprise I awoke with a bedhead."

Blackhead (black-head)

n. 1. Anyone with black hair
2. Someone with a dark view of the future

"He is a typical blackhead and always looks at the darkest side of everything."

Blondhead (blond-head)

n. 1. Anyone with light yellowish brown to dark grayish yellow hair
2. Someone who thinks constantly about having fun

"A blondhead, he spends most of his days on the beach observing the scenery and eating hot dogs."

Bluehead (blue-head)

n. 1. A person who seems always to be depressed
2. An older woman who puts bluing in her hair

"Eventually I wearied of her, a bluehead, due to her unexplained tendency to be depressed at all times."

Bluejeans (blue-jeans)

n.: A type of usually blue close-fitting pants made of jean or denim (twillweave fabric) that are especially comfortable when worn

"She is sick of wearing uncomfortable clothes just because other people expect it. Knowing that her boss is out, she risks wearing bluejeans to work."

Bluejeansonlyperson (blue-jeans-only-per-son)

n.: Someone who as a matter of policy wears bluejeans for pants on every possible occasion except when forced not to by others' expectations

"I am a bluejeansonlyperson because dress clothes are uncomfortable and thus they reduce my productivity."

Bowlhead (bowl-head)

n.: 1. An ardent fan of football bowl games, especially the Superbowl
2. an early American style of haircut

"The bowlheads gather around the tube, anxiously awaiting the kickoff."

Braindead (brain-dead)

n.: A condition marked by the irreversible end of all brain functions

"As the doctor declared him braindead, his anxious relative breathed a sigh of relief."

Braindeadhead (brain-dead-head)

n. A person who shows no apparent sign of having a brain

"A braindeadhead, he can never remember his own phone number."

Braintrust (brain-trust)

n.: A group of smartheads who serve as advisors to a person or group

"The term 'braintrust' was originally coined by a New York Times reporter to refer to FDR's closest advisors."

Brownhead (brown-head)

n. 1. Anyone with hair ranging from light to dark brown
2. A mild-mannered person

"She resented being called a brownhead and longed for the day when she could dye her hair red."

Bubblehead (bub-ble-head)

n. Someone who doesn't think before they speak

"I thought but did not say that I was dealing with a bubblehead."

Buffertime (buf-fer-time)

n.: The extra time that a person allots when deciding how long it will take to reach a destination or perform a task to allow for unexpected difficulties or delays

"Once again he was late for class because he did not allow enough buffertime; this time, rain slowed his driving and he got stuck behind a funeral procession for a deadhead."

Butterball (but-ter-ball)

n. 1. A very fat person
2. A type of turkey

"It was immediately apparent to us that a butterball had just entered the room. We all stared as she paused whimsically, then wandered aimlessly into the corner to see if any danish pastries were left for her second breakfast."

Buttonswitch (but-ton-switch)

v.: to change radio stations on a radio by pushing present station buttons

"What I really need is a remote radio tuner so I can buttonswitch from my chair at home like I do in my car."

Catperson (cat-per-son)

n.: Someone who loves cats and prefers cats to other animals

"He is a catperson who prefers independent females."

Celluloidperson (cel-u-loid-per-son)

n.: A person with no feelings

"He seems to be a celluloidperson - I see no sign of feelings in him."

Chartclimber (chart-climb-er)

n. 1. A hothit that's quickly climbing the charts
2. Someone who devotes much time and energy trying to get a promotion

"He disguises his penchant for chartclimbing in the cloak of generosity by buying extravagant presents for his business associates."

Celtecsgreen (cel-tecs-green)

Adj.: the shade of green that Boston Celtics jerseys have

"This mug will pass for celticsgreen."

Chernobylrock (cher-no-byl-rock)

n. 1. Rocknroll from Russia
2. Doomsday music

"This station has been playing nothing by chernobylrock all day; now I feel morose"

Closetfan (clos-et-fan)

n.: A secret admirer

"She has several closetfans who spend much of their time dreaming about her."

Coffeeshirt (cof-fee-shirt)

n. 1. A tshirt with coffee stains, or other type of liquid stain
2. Any shirt stained with liquid

"After she won the racquetball tournament in her coffeeshirt, she became very devoted to it and wore it continuously."

Conceptpoor (con-cept-poor)

Adj.: having a wealth of concepts for describing experience

"I became conceptrich by becoming more away of the details of my experiences."

Continuousexperience (con-tin-u-ous-ex-per-ience)

n.: A quality of experience that results from an awareness of the continuities in experience and a rejection of the discrete nature of reality that language suggests

"His philosophy of continuous-experience makes him aware of many shades of emotion that others simply ignore."

Continuoushothits (con-tin-u-ous-hot-hits)

n.: An uninterrupted series of extremely popular songs

Continuouslanguage (con-tin-u-ous-lan-guage)

n.: A language containing words that reflect the continuous nature of experience

"Imagine-how-different-your-life-would-be-if-out-language-could-adequately-reflect-the-continuity-in-experience. If-you-could-use-the-continuous-language-to-describe-your-feelings-you-would-be-able-to-say-exactly-how-happy-or-sad-you-are,how-good-apple-pie-with-ice-cream-and-coffee-really-taste, and-how-red-the-shirt-you're-wearing-is. You-would-be-much-more-capable-of-expressing-yourself-and-you-would-see-the-world-in-new-ways. Though-our-language-increases-our-freedom-we-are-also-its-slaves. We-see-the-world-through-the-eyes-and-from-the-point-of-view-of-our-language. By-creating-new-duonyms-you-increase-your-freedom-of-expression-and-others'-too!"

Continuouslook (con-tin-u-ous-look)

n. 1. The look of clothes when one or more articles of clothing of the same color are worn on top of each other in a layered fashion, as a tshirt over a collared shirt, or running shorts over running pants or sweatpants
2. A long, sustained, glance

"He is determined to start a trend toward the continuouslook in fashion and often wears a blue tshirt over a blue dress shirt."

Continuousword (con-tin-u-ous-word)

n.: A word created by putting two or more words together into a single word to form a word that is more than the sum of its parts and that ascribes

"Continuouswords provide a way to express new points of view that no one has had the words to express before. They also call attention to features of experience that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you know what a feelingfaker is, you will be more likely to notice a feelingfaker the next time you meet one."

Continuouswords call attention to the complexity of our experience, and make us more aware of the details of experience. Continuouswords make people happy because people love to express themselves and continuouswords help people express themselves by enabling them to take and express points of view they wouldn't otherwise have or express"

Cornercutter (cor-ner-cut-ter)

n.: A person who often tries to save time by taking shortcuts

"While working to beat the latest arbitrarily-determined deadline, he was grateful for his years of experience as a cornercutter; more importantly, he is adept at hiding the corners he cuts"

Couchpotato (couch-po-ta-to)

n.: Someone who spends a lot of time being passively entertained in a reclining position on their sofa or chair

"I was dismayed to learn that they have become couchpotatoes and seldom venture forth from the safety of their own loveseat."

Covercat (cov-er-cat)

n.: A cat whose picture appears on the front of magazines or other publications

"A covercat, he achieved instant fame modeling for Catmopolitan."

Crossovermusic (cross-o-ver-mu-sic)

n.: one or more songs that are popular in more than one musical category

"Emmy Lou Harris writes crossovermusic that's on popular and country charts."

Deadhead (dead-head) n. 1. A devoted fan of the Grateful Dead

2. Someone whose mind is dulled from repeated assaults by drugs and alcohol

"A deadhead, his hobbies are smoking pot and drinking alcoholic beverages."

Deepred (deep-red)

n.: A range of rich, dark shades of red

"The Washington Redskins' helmets are a shade of deepred."

Docgroup (doc-group)

n.: 1. A group of people who write computer manuals
2. A group of doctors who form an association

"A docgroup director once thought;
he'd get rid of a writer who taught;
'I don't need courses
I have a woman with horses'
he was embroiled until he got caught."

Drivetime (drive-time)

n.: The period of time in the morning and evening when people typically commute between home and a daytime job

"Depending on his mood, he listens to subliminal persuasion tapes during drivetime; these have convinced him that he will be a spectacular success."

Duonym (du-o-nym)

n. 1. A single word formed by putting two existing words together
2. A continuousword

"It is a great honor to share a birthday with the originator of the duonyms 'doublethink' and 'doublespeak'."

Experiencepoor (ex-per-i-ence-poor)

Adj. 1. The condition of a person who does not notice the details of his or her experience
2. The condition of someone who has not had very many experiences or whose experiences have not been of many types

"A bookworm, he was conceptrich but experiencepoor."

Experiencerich (ex-per-i-ence-rich)

Adj. 1. The condition of someone who is aware of the details of his or her experiences
2. The condition of someone who has had a wide range of types of experiences

"She is experiencerich in certain areas; for example, she listens to every popular rock song, has tried every Chinese restaurant in town, has her own computer, and dates different guys."

Extracredit (ex-tra-cred-it)

Adj.: Work done in addition to the regular requirement for additional grade points

"Extracredit work provides additional challenges for superior intellects."

Extraextracredit (ex-tra-ex-tra-cred-it)

n.: Work that's worth twice as much as regular extracredit

"Her superior homework assignments plus her extraextracredit work pushed hergrade so high that no letter exists to adequately reflect it."

Fatcat (fat-cat)

n.1. A rich and privileged person
2. An overweight cat

"Sensing that fame is imminent, the fatcat relaxes with a cigar."

Feelingfaker (feel-ing-fak-er)

n.: Someone who habitually deceives others about how he or she feels

"After talking to him I'd have to say that he's a feelingfaker; he claims still in love with me."

Fireenginered (fire-en-gine-red)

n.: A very bright shade of red that resembles the color of a fire engine

"Statistics show that people who drive fireenginered cars have a higher chance of being stopped for speeding."

Fishwatcher (fish-watch-er)

n.: A person or cat who spends much of their time watching fish swim around a fish tank

"Believing that fishwatching relieves stress, Pascal is an ardent fishwatcher who spends many hours each day carefully observing the movements of all the fish in the tank, especially the red flag fish."

Flakeface (flake-face)

n.: An eccentric and offbeat person who lacks common sense

"I'd like to meet the flakeface who wrote these error messages."

Flightpath (flight-path)

n. 1. The path of an airplane when it flies form one point to another
2. The path a person takes when he or she flies from one point to another

"I was delighted to learn that my flightpath takes me to Karlsruhe."

Freeformradio (free-form-ra-di-o)

n.: A radio station format in which the programming (e.g., songs) is not determined by a formula or rule but by the disc-jockey

"It's freeformradio tonight."

Funhead (fun-head)

n.: Someone who has lots of fun

"I would not describe here as a funhead - she spends most of her time reading existentialism and feeling morose."

Furface (fur-face)

n. 1. Anyone with an unusual amount of hair on their face
2. A family pet with lots of hair

"The home sported several furfaces who peeked out from behind the chair."

Furrymouse (fur-ry-mouse)

n.: A soft, artificial mouse made to cover a computer mouse

"He feels that the furrymouse makes him a superior performer on the computer."

Girlofmydreams (girl-of-my-dreams)

n.: A girl who has all the qualities you find most desirable in a girl

"He anticipates finding a girlofhisdreams who feels he is the boyofherdreams; to accomplish this, he tries to be as irresistible as possible."

Globalgobble (glob-al-gob-ble)

n.1. The action of a wordprocessing program that searches for and replaces every occurrence of a term in a document
2. The sound made by all the turkeys in the world waking up at the same time

"She was so exasperated with the repeated use of the term 'function key' in her document that she proposed sending the computer on a search and destroy mission by performing a globalgobble on the term 'function key' and replacing it with 'fiction key.' Then she even proposed that we all pretend that this substitute version is the final version and wait to see if anyone notices."

Greenmusic (green-mu-sic)

n. 1. Music played in honor of St. Patrick's Day
2. Songs about the color green

"I could get nothing but greenmusic on the radio on St. Patty's day."

Groupthinker (group-think-er)

n.: Someone who does not have their own ideas but instead conforms to group values and ethics

"You have to be a groupthinker to succeed at that company - they don't tolerate anyone who has original ideas."

Hardspace (hard-space)

n.: The space in a document created by pressing the space bar in a wordprocessing program

"To make the space between the end of the word and the hanging indent equal to one hardspace you have to change the tab unit from space to point on this system; otherwise, the text does not wrap at the right place."

Heartofgold (heart-of-gold)

n.: the kind of hear someone has whose feelings are completely pure and selfless

"It is a rare experience to find a heartofgold."

Homerhanky (hom-er-han-ky)

n.: A handkerchief that fans wave at a baseball game calling for a home run

"The Twins fans wave homerhankies as their team comes to bat."

Honeybun (hon-ey-bun)

n. 1. A type of honey-covered round roll
2. A term of endearment

"Honeybun, please pass the honeybun."

Hotcar (hot-car)

n. 1. A fast and flashy car
2. A stolen car

"To try to create a reputation for being a playboy, he purchased a hotcar."

Hothead (hot-head)

n.: A person with a fiery temper

"He's a hothead who flies off the handle at the slightest provocation."

Hotred (hotred)

n.: The shade of red that is bright and orangish giving off the impression of heat

"Feeling dynamic, she pulls on a hotred tshirt and walks off to class."

Hypertedious (hy-per-te-di-ous)

Adj. 1. The quality of feeling you have while attending the wedding or funeral of someone you don't know well, such as a distant relative
2. Something that's extremely dull and boring

"She finds the weekly staff meetings increasingly hypertedious as they are dominated more and more by several loudmouths who love to hear themselves talk."

Ideathief (i-de-a-thief)

n.: Someone who steals other people's ideas and claims them for his own

"He's an ideathief who has no original ideas of his own."

Junebug (june-bug)

n.: anyone born in the month of June

"Despite the fact that they have different astrological signs, the junebugs decided to form a Junebug Club."

Lapdog (lap-dog)

n. 1. A timid and cowardly dog who follows his master around and does his every bidding
2. A timid and cowardly person who agrees with his superiors on all issues and expresses no views of his own

"A lapdog, he has not ideas of his own and constantly parrots his superiors."

Lasersitter (la-ser-sit-ter)

n.: A cat or other pet who insists on resting on the laser printer, especially when you are ready to print

"He is a lasersitter and prefers sitting only on those places that are most objectionable."

Laughhead (laugh-head)

n. 1. Someone who laughs constantly
2. Someone who makes fun of people who make him mad

"A laughhead, he laughs uproariously at things that others find barely amusing."

Layeredlook (lay-ered-look)

n.: A way of dressing that consists of wearing several clothes of the same type of top of each other in a layered fashion

"He feels that the layeredlook most adequately expresses his tendency to build one level of experience on top of another one."

Lazylids (la-zy-lids)

n.: The condition of someone sitting in class whose eyes keep closing due to lack of sleep

"The warm room plus the extremely boring lecture contributed to an unavoidable case of lazylids on the part of many students."

Leadbottom (lead-bot-tom)

n.: Anyone whose weight is distributed mostly below the waist, also known as pearshaped

"She considered everything from hibernation to plastic surgery, but try as she might, she could not conceal the fact that she is a leadbottom

Lemonyellow (lem-on-yel-low)

adj.: A shade of yellow resembling the color of lemons

"Not realizing he looked like a nerd, he wore a lemonyellow shirt with has khaki pants."

Mentalspender (men-tal-spend-er)

n.: Someone who spends money in their mind before they receive it

"So far I've already mentally bought a pair of new speakers, a new computer, and a 45 gallon hexagonal fishtank with the money I'm supposed to get next week; I guess I've become a mentalspender."

Metalhead (met-al-head)

n.: A devoted fan of heavy metal music

"I didn't know you're a metalhead."

Mindmaker (mind-mak-er)

n. 1. Someone who puts thoughts in other peoples' heads or tells them what to think
2. An advertising executive

"The White House press office is full of mindmakers who spin the news."

Mindphilosophy (mind-phi-los-o-phy)

n.: A set of a priori principles whose purpose is to define and justify the empirical principles in term of which minds are described and explained

"My mindphilosophy teacher helped send
me to Rockefeller with a stipend
imagine my chagrin
to find his interest was not in
my mind but the body of my girlfriend."

Moonlover (moon-lov-er)

n. 1. A person who idolizes the moon
2. An especially romantic person

"Moonlovers spend a lot of time staring off into space and dreaming about their next romantic relationship."

Mushmaker (mush-mak-er)

n. 1. A machine that instantly turns food into mush
2. A blender or food processor

"A mushmaker just made a pina colada."

Overlook (o-ver-look)

n.: The look of clothes when one or more articles of clothing are worn on top of each other in a layered fashion, as a tshirt over a long-sleeved shirt, or running shorts over running pants or sweatpants

"The overlook provides a means of selfexpression in otherwise boring and mundane circumstances."

Overshirt (o-ver-shirt)

n.: A shirt worn over another shirt, as a tshirt worn over a long-sleeved shirt

"As a devotee of the continuouslook, he acquired a huge stockpile of overshirts to wear on every conceivable occasion."

Partyanimal (par-ty-an-i-mal)

n.: Someone who parties constantly

"Partyanimals park here."

Peeredit (peer-ed-it)

n.: Corrections and changes by people at the same level or social status

"Peeredits are a useful tool for improving your writing and also for getting back at people you're mad at."

Pencilneck (pen-cil-neck)

n.: Someone with a long, thin neck

"You're a pencilneck and I'm not."

Pencilthief (pen-cil-thief)

n.: Someone who habitually steals small office supplies

"A pencilthief, she finds it thrilling to put an office pen in her purse and take it home for her personal use."

Pencilwriter (pen-cil-writ-er)

n.: A person who writes only with pencils

"As a pencilwriter, I disdain pens and insist on using pencils at all times."

Perryellisblue (per0ry-el-lis-blue)

n.: A shade of deepblue that Perry Ellis used in many of the clothes he designed

"He is the proud owner of a perryellisblue shirt."

Phonefriend (phone-friend)

n.: Someone you are friendly with but whom you communicate with primarily by phone

"She is my best phonefriend and I call her almost every day."

Phonehead (phone-head)

n.: Someone who seems to spend all his or her time talking on the phone

"I didn't realize until I had started my new job several weeks ago that I would be working with several phoneheads; however, because they spend so much time on the phone, I haven't yet met them or learned their names."

Pisystem (pi-sys-tem)

n. 1. A system of thought that's so utterly confused and unalterably full of irrationalities and contradictions that the only solution to the problem that its existence creates is to completely and totally reject the system in favor of another system
2. Any confused or incoherent system of thought

"Though mathematicians to its Euclidean tune still waltz
that pisystem calculus is riddled with faults
a differential confusion
an integral illusion
for inconsistent assumptions yield contradictory results."

"He hates calculus, which he views as a pisystem, and is determined to replace it with a system of circular geometry that will eliminate irrational numbers and make it possible to give a rational value for the areas of circles."

Possibledate (pos-si-ble-date)

n.: Someone who says they might go out with you

"She's a possibledate, but I'm not holding my breath"

Pricebreak (pricebreak)

n.: A reduction in the established price of a retail item

"She got a pricebreak on the Epson computer because she knows the dealer extremely well."

Redhead (red-head)

n. 1. Anyone whose hair is a shade ranging from bight sandybrown to a shade that matches the color of fire
2. A hothead
3. A person who is driven by the desire to perceive the color red

"She couldn't believe it when he said 'Redheads are nice to visit, and I wouldn't mind living with one.'"

Selfedit (self-ed-it)

v. 1. To correct your own work
2. To mentally edit what you say before you say it

"I have to do quite a lot of selfediting around here because you're not supposed to look like you're having any fun."

Selfexpression (self-ex-pres-sion)

n.: the conscious act of making external some internal thought, feel, or emotion

"Selfexpression is the meaning of life."

Shareware (shareware)

n.: Software that is given away on a trial basis

"Shareware is typically available on public dial-up bulletin boards."

Slushstate (slush-state)

n.: The condition of software that isn't supposed to be changed (frozen software) when changes continue to be made to it

"Software is never frozen solid around here; it never hardens beyond a slushstate."

Smarthead (smart-head)

n.: An especially bright person

"Now people say that 'MIT' stands for 'Made in Taiwan' because so many of the smartheads who attend there are Asian students."

Snowjob (snow-job)

n.: What someone does who convinces someone else to believe something that isn't true by pretending to be something or someone they're not

"When I wrote his biography I found out that he got appointed director by doing a snowjob on someone; later I found that after presiding over a birthday party he is on permanent leave of absence in Oak Grove."

Spacebridge (space-bridge)

n.: A communication link between two points or countries

"A spacebridge between the U.S. and Russia increases mutual understanding by allowing citizens to talk directly."

Suckysong (suck-y-song)

n.: Any song you hate

"I can't believe you like that suckysong; you must be sick."

Superbig (su-per-big)

adj. 1. Extraordinarily large
2. Extraordinarily successful

"It is sure to be a superbig event; all the right people will be there."

Supergreat (su-per-great)

adj.: Anything that's extraordinarily good

"I've had a supergreat night so far; would you like to come in for a drink?"

Supergroup (su-per-group)

n. 1. A musical group that's supergreat
2. A musical group that's superbig

"The Rolling Stones are the best supergroup in this universe and all preceding universes since moments before time began."

Sweetcake (sweet-cake)

n. 1. A kind of cakelike desert made from sugar
2. A favorite person

"Everyone selected a sweetcake and rushed onto the dance floor."

Sweetgirl (sweet-girl)

n. 1. A nice, shy, innocent female
2. A female who has a pleasant and likeable personality

She is a sweetgirl who compliments me three times every day. I don't know what she wants from me but the class thinks she is dying for me to ask her out, so maybe I will."

Sweetsweetsweetcake (sweet-sweet-sweet-cake)

n. 1. A sweetcake that's triply sweet
2. A sweetcake who's triply sweet

"At the end of the evening after consuming many bottles of wine, we all looked on in delight as his sweetsweetsweeetcake was passed out on the table. Then we crowded around to get a closer look while someone poured cold coffee on her face, and the partygoers roared their approval of this demonstration of culinary skill."

Teflonmemory (tef-lon-mem-o-ry)

n.: The kind of memory someone has who constantly says "I don't remember"

"Certain Iran-Contra witnesses acquire a teflonmemory when put on the stand."

Trianglegirl (tri-an-gle-girl)

n.: A girl who maintains two romantic relationships at once

"I was so furious when I found out that for the past six months she has been a trianglegirl that I threw a copy of Schopenhauer against the wall. When I introduced them I didn't expect this though I should have begun to worry when she told me that he has a 300 pound wife. Now she's cold coffee and he's the mayor of Riverdale."

Tripledouble (tri-ple-dou-ble)

n. 1. A basketball player's score of more than nine in points, assists, and rebounds in one game
2. Three pair of songs by a single artist in a row, each pair by a different artist
3. Three doublescoops of ice cream, each doublescoop a different flavor

"I'll take a VanChocStraw tripledouble."

Tripleshot (tri-ple-shot)

n. 1. Three rocknroll songs by the same artist in a row played with no breaks
2. Three same flavored ice cream scoops

"I'll have a tripleshot of raspberry."

Tshirt (t-shirt)

n.: A collarless shortsleeved or sleeveless usually cotton shirt that's shaped like a capital letter T

"Some people can't understand why he insists on wearing tshirts over his other shirts and view it as a mere eccentricity, but those who know him well understand it as an expression of his philosophy."

Twillweave (twill-weave)

n.: A textile weave in which the filling threads pass over one and under two warp threads, giving the appearance of diagonal lines

"Twillweave is what gives bluejeans their distinctive character."

Underclass (un-der-class)

n.: A group of people who feel powerless and who don't play an active role in society's decisionmaking

"They are members of the underclass; they don't vote and often are unemployed."

Underwearweather (un-der-wear-weath-er)

n.: Weather that's so warm that you can comfortably walk around in your underwear in it

We were grateful for the underwearweather and spent much of the day walking around town with little on. This inspired a few continuouslooks."

Vendorbender (vend-er-bend-er)

n. 1. Someone who pressures a company that sells a product to do something, e.g., provide better service
2. Someone who kicks a vending machine

"He was completely disgusted with the quality of the vending machines at school and despite becoming a vendorbender, he couldn't get service on the coffee machine; subsequently he arranged for a new vendor

Waistwatcher (waist-watch-er)

n.: Someone who seems always to be on a diet

"She's a waistwatcher and has been on a diet since 1996."

Whitehot (white-hot)

Adj.: The condition of something so hot that it glows white

"The explosion sent a whitehot ball of flame into the sky."

Wickawesome (wick-ed-awe-some)

Adj.: Anything so extraordinary that it inspires the highest degree of awe

"The concert was awesome; the band was like totally, wow, like wickedawesome."

Winered (wine-red)

Adj.: a range of colorshades that resemble the color of burgundy

"I'll take a bottle of that winered champagne you have over there in the corner."

Wordperception (word-per-cep-tion)

n. 1. Hearing, reading, or seeing a word and understanding what it means
2. Someone's interpretation of what a word means

"His wordperception was dulled by the number of drinks he had."

Wordperceptionitis (word-per-cep-tion-i-tis)

n.: The condition that occurs when you look at a word and it doesn't look like it's spelled correctly even though it is

"Lately he's suffered from wordperceptionitis and finds himself constantly resorting to looking up word spellings in the dictionary."

Wordprocessing (word-pro-cess-ing)

n. A method of producing text from a computer that appears to be typewritten; while in the computer the text can be edited and formatted as desired before being printed

"Of course he made everyone on the project use the sucky wordprocessing program he likes - it's the only one he knows."

Wristwatcher (wrist-watch-er)

n.: Someone who constantly checks their watch for the time

"When I saw him repeatedly checking his watch in the meeting, I assumed he couldn't wait to leave; I didn't know that he's a compulsive wristwatcher."

Zippyspiritedfunpersonal (zip-py-spir-it-ed-fun-per-son-al)

[a quadronym - definition unknown]

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