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Philosophy Articles

This page contains links to some philosophy articles. These articles explain some of the philosophical ideas behind Flow Research. One important philosophical question is how our minds sense and perceive, and what is the difference between mind and brain. Studying sensing instruments, like flowmeters and temperature transmitters, may help explain the nature of mind and perception.

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Introduction to Philosophy, by Jesse Yoder

Viewpoint Pluralism explains what Viewpoint Pluralism is. The idea behind Viewpoint Pluralism is that we understand something better when we see it from many angles or points of view. This article also shows how Viewpoint Pluralism applies to market research.

Proof of Viewpoint Pluralism gives a proof of Viewpoint Pluralism.

Viewpoint Pluralism: Theory and Application explains what viewpoint pluralism is and how you can use it to experience life from many different perspectives.

How You Can Become Experiencerich explains how you can have a more diverse and interesting life through Viewpoint Pluralism.

From Conceptpoor to Experiencerich discusses some ways in which our language is inadequate to describe our experience. It proposes three rules to help make our language more descriptive. It also explains how lacking adequate concepts to describe experience can make us experiencepoor, and describes how to become experiencerich.

A Dictionary of Duonyms contains definitions of duonyms. A duonym is a word formed by putting two existing words together to form a new word. Examples are 'egghead' and 'buffertime.'

Circular Geometry describes a new Circular Geometry based on using a circular inch instead of a square inch as a unit of measurement.

A Circular Geometry of Flow
This article explains why Euclidean straight-line geometry is not suited for measuring circular area, and shows how Circular Geometry can be applied to flow measurement.

A Synthetic Proof that God Exists contains an original proof that God exists. It uses a mathematical result called the incompleteness theorem as a building block to the proof.



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