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Dear Product or Marketing Manager:


I am writing you with some very exciting news.  You may already know that, for the past year, Flow Research has been working on a series of flowmeter studies.  This is a series of studies that includes the entire worldwide flowmeter market.  I am very happy to let you know that we have completed the worldwide vortex flowmeter study.


Volume IV, The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, takes a complete look at the vortex flowmeter market.  New developments in vortex flowmeters include the increased popularity of multivariable flowmeters and greater use of vortex meters to measure the flow of gases and steams.  While vortex meters are not growing as fast as ultrasonic or Coriolis meters, they are still not well understood by many users.  Vortex meters have good potential for future growth, especially as more users become familiar with the technology.  Suppliers in recent products have adequately addressed many of the earlier issues relating to vibration.


Here are some of the segments included in this comprehensive study:


        Multivariable vs. Smart vs. Conventional

        Liquid vs. Gas vs. Steam

        Shipments of Multivariable & Smart Vortex Flowmeters by Communication Protocol

        Shipments by Industry

        Shipments by Distribution Channel

        Shipments by Customer Type


Vortex flowmeters are widely used for steam applications.  Suppliers have been introducing technological improvements to vortex meters, making them more attractive to end-users.  More suppliers have entered this market.  Here is your chance to get the inside story on this market.  We interviewed virtually every supplier worldwide and put all this knowledge together in this market study, called The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters.


If you are in the flowmeter market, you donít want to miss this study.  Flow Research studies are the most comprehensive available anywhere.  Hereís why:


        We interview and profile every supplier, not just the leading suppliers.  The vortex flow study has 14 company profiles.


        We talk to companies all over the world, in places like Japan, Singapore, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, China, Taiwan, Sweden, and many other countries.


        Instead of just talking to suppliers, we also interview end-users.  At the beginning of our research into the flowmeter market, we interviewed 299 end-users from the US, Europe, and Asia, and published this as a separate end-user survey.


        The study includes a product analysis for many suppliers, containing a summary, photos, and specs for their products.  One chapter gives you an overview of most products offered worldwide for vortex flowmeters.


If you would like more detailed information on The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, please call us at 781-245-3200, or send an email to jesse@flowresearch.com.  Visit our website at www.flowresearch.com for detailed descriptions of each study, and an order form.


These studies are simply the best research available today on the worldwide flowmeter market.  Donít miss your chance to benefit from our years of experience, and the thousands of hours we have put into researching the flowmeter market.   Call or write us today for further information!


Best regards,


Jesse Yoder



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