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World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 1st Edition 

Flow Research and Ducker Worldwide have worked together to prepare an exciting new study with the following information. 

  • Market size by geographic region
  • Market shares by geographic region
  • Smart vs. conventional vortex meters
  • Liquid vs. steam vs. gas flow measurement
  • Multivariable vortex meters
  • Market size by industry
  • Growth forecasts through 2005
  • Market strategies for vortex suppliers
  • Distribution channels
  • Company profiles of vortex meter suppliers
Table of Contents
List of Figures
Vortex Study Letter
Order Form (PDF)
Note: This study has been replaced by a 3rd Edition study that was published in March 2006. Yet this early edition provides important historical perspective on the vortex flowmeter market. Contact Flow Research about a special offer for ordering this study and the new 3rd Edition study. For information on the 3rd Edition study, go to http://www.flowvortex.com/Study/welcome.htm
Vortex flowmeters were first introduced into industrial markets in the early 1970s.  Since that time, they have undergone significant growth.  Vortex meters are considered an alternative to differential pressure flowmeters, since they offer reduced pressure drop at a reasonable price.  Steam flow measurement has emerged as the best-known application for vortex meters.

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