Worldwide Flowmeter User Survey, 2nd Edition


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Flow Research has completed a worldwide survey of flowmeter users. The results include answers to a large number of questions that apply to users of all types of flowmeters. It also contains chapters that are specific to users of magnetic, vortex, and differential pressure (DP) flowmeters. 

This study was previously published in 2000.  The 2006 edition of the study brings you up-to-date on many of the same topics covered in the earlier study--plus a whole lot more. Find out what user purchasing plans are through 2008, what customer thinking is on communication protocols, what types of flowmeters end-users are planning to order, what features are important to them in flowmeters, and many other vital questions. We had more than 500 participants in this survey. In short, it tells you what customers are looking for in their flowmeters, and how their plans are changing over time. This is a vital tool for any marketing manager or strategic planner involved in instrumentation.

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The following are some of the issues the flowmeter user survey addresses:


·        Installed base of flowmeters by type

·        What applications flowmeters are used for by type of meter

·       Purchasing expectations by type of flowmeter

·        What features users are looking for in new flowmeters

·        Approvals required on flowmeters

·        Use of flowmeters for liquid, gas, and steam

·        Importance of accuracy, reliability, price, and repeatability in flowmeter selection

·        Types of output signals flowmeters have

·        Communication protocols on flowmeters

·        Expectations for future use of communication protocols

This study should be of special interest to any manufacturer of DP and vortex flowmeters, and to users and specifiers of DP and vortex flowmeters.


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